Welcome to Glasgow Anni’s blogsite.  I write fiction and non fiction.   I also review books academic and non-academic because I love reading.   I write for fun and for serious and some of it gets published.  I also write about  things which affect women’s lives and the injustices that affect everyone’s lives.  In my day job I specialise in research, teaching and writing about domestic abuse and violence against women – some of that might appear on my blog.

I really do live up a close in Kelvinside.  The world can look deceptively calm and peaceful from my window but I know it is not always so – I write about that too. I travel a good deal, mostly around Scotland which I love.  I take photographs to illustrate my blogs and sometimes I post them just because what I see is lovely.  Thank you for reading this far. Please enjoy my posts, tell your friends if you like them and help my site grow its band of followers – I am learning as I go….