I really do live up a close in Kelvinside.  The world can look deceptively calm and peaceful from my window but I know it is not always so – I write about that.

I write about the things I am working on and also about issues that interest me. I am a historian and feminist and a big focus for the last few years has been on writing an oral history research on domestic abuse in post-war Scotland. You will find posts about different aspects of my research posted on this site. I have also been involved in a Scotland-wide project dedicated to preventing violence against women on our university and college campuses. I have created online courses, toolkits and reserarch reports about that.

Before lockdown restrictions I loved to travel and have never yet tired of travelling around Scotland and writing about the places I visit. I occasionally write poetry, short stories and memoirs. I illustrate my articles with photographs when what I see is lovely. 

I write for fun and for serious and some of it gets published.  I also write about  things which affect women’s lives and the injustices that affect everyone’s lives. 

If you would like me to write, do research or develop online materials for you here’s how to contact me:


Twitter: @AnniDonaldson

Click here for my LinkedIn profile

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