Colm Dempsey talks about the origins and impact of VAW 365 International Poster Exhibition


Colm Dempsey’s Violence Against Women 365 International Poster Exhibition, now in its tenth year of touring, visited Scotland in March 2014.

In an interview with GlasgowAnni, Dubliner Colm describes how the Exhibition came about and the impact it has had on worldwide audiences over the years.

Colm’s interest in domestic abuse was instigated by his feelings of helplessness as a friend and as a police officer when his former (and first) girlfriend disclosed to him about the domestic abuse she was subjected to by her Garda officer husband.

In this extract Colm tells how that love story inspired the creation of 365.

The impact on the audiences who have seen 365 has often been profound.

Listen  as Colm tells the story of one woman for whom seeing the exhibition was life changing.

365 in Dumbarton Women's Aid Refuge
365 in Dumbarton Women’s Aid Refuge

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