GlasgowAnni Back On-Grid!

P1070832Hello again to any faithful remaining followers of GlasgowAnni.  My blog took the hit from a prolonged spell ‘off grid’ and refusing to pay data roaming charges.  I am now back at the Gladgrind after a joyful summer swanning around the alliterative edges of these fair Isles – in Cornwall, Kintyre, Cape Clear Island (off West Cork).

      Cornwall          20140425_143003

WordPress gave up reminding me ages ago to do my weekly blog – my resolve to resume regular posts starts here! Now distant are my summer memories and the assiduous notes taken of things to remember to blog about when I was within reach of WiFi – hey ho.

      Kintyre                                                                                        P1070847


A friend warned me that regular  blogging would wear me out but I would have none of it – it can’t wear you out if you don’t do it! So with a clean slate, a blank screen and some pix to fill in the spaces, I have returned to the fray, forgiving myself for all the things I haven’t written about with a reminder that today’s news will be wrapped around tomorrow’s fish supper.

Cape Clear Island (off West cork)                                                           P1070950


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