ESHE Rapid Review II

A desk-based Rapid Review of existing gender-based violence (GBV) policy and practice,prevention and interventions in Scotland’s 19 HEIs was undertaken in 2017 (McCullough,McCarry and Donaldson, 2017).

The Review concluded that, overall, positive action in the form of response, intervention and prevention was evident and that while activity in this area was fast-paced it did not appear to be widespread across the sector. Click here to download the first Rapid Review

This Rapid Review II follow-up report firstly outlines developments in the current policy context for GBV prevention in the Scottish Higher Education context; secondly it presents the findings from data obtained from interviews with key stakeholders across the Scottish HE sector undertaken during the period October 2017 to January 2018.

To download the Rapid Review II, please click here.

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